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"With grit & hope: fight cancer"

COVID 19 completely changed the way the American Cancer Society operates; a global pandemic undoubtedly put the American Cancer Society’s mission at risk. In 2020, the Society’s revenue for the year declined by 1/3—a $200 million shortfall; yet, despite the significant shortfall, the American Cancer Society was able to continue funding our existing research grants, and successfully allocated more than $53 million to the funding of NEW research grants. Our progress in the fight against cancer continues.

We know that cancer doesn’t stop for a global pandemic. Cancer deaths rates have not declined. COVID 19 has had serious effects on cancer screening rates. At a minimum, 22 million cancer screenings did not happen in 2020 due to coronavirus fears, appointment delays and changes in employment (and subsequent insurance coverage). One-third of US adults missed a routine cancer screening. This has the potential to completely change the trajectory of cancer diagnoses. Inevitably, more late stage cancers will be diagnosed. Cancer screenings save lives and unfortunately, missed screenings will mean an increase in death rates. Cancer hasn’t stopped and neither will we.

What hasn’t changed is the need for the American Cancer Society’s mission to save lives, celebrate lives and lead the fight for a world without cancer. With grit and hope, through passionate volunteers, dedicated supporters, and the many corporate partners, we will continue to fight cancer (together).

For more information about the American Cancer Society's response to COVID-19, click HERE.

Why become a Corporate Partner?

Positioning yourself as a partner of the American Cancer Society – the largest and most respected voluntary health organization in the United States – will bolster your company’s reputation and demonstrate your commitment to serving the community.

  • 79 cents of every donor dollar is invested back into the mission of the organization

  • 74% of consumers are likely to support a sponsor associated with a charity like the American Cancer Society

  • The American Cancer Society has a 98% recognition rate among Americans

  • Americans believe cancer is the single most important health problem they face

Your contributions at work in Virginia*

  • The Society provided information, direction and programs to more than 4,249 Virginians

  • 7,387 rides to treatment for patients facing transportation challenges

  • 829 nights of lodging for patients getting treatment far from home

  • 13 prevention and early detection grants to help improve the health of our communities

  • Strategic partnerships with more than 150 health systems and organizations to improve the health of our communities and help people facing cancer

  • Over $417 million in active research funding across the country which benefits people in Virginia and beyond

  • $11.2 million in active cancer research funding at Virginia institutions like VCU and UVA

*Annually, 2019 statistics

To learn more about the work of the American Cancer Society, please visit

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